LEAD Executive Board Elections

Congratulations to our newly elected 2023-24 LEAD Executive Board winners! They are listed below and will take office in July 2023. 

Elections are hosted in the Spring quarter to elect all open positions. The full membership of the LEAD Group will be eligible to vote for all positions. In the case of a tie, the incoming Chair may poll the Board individually for input and then make the final decision. For questions about becoming an executive board member, contact

2023-24 LEAD Executive Board

Brittany Fraser

(951) 827-2683

Head shot of UCR staffer Brittany Fraser. She has long, brown wavy hair that curls around her shoulders. Brittany has a smile on her face and wears a dark polo shirt.

Brittany Fraser is a 2018 UCR Alumni with a degree in Cellular, Molecular, and Development Biology. She currently serves as the Events Manager for the University of California, Riverside in CHASS Facilities Management. Her main responsibilities include managing the Facilities Reservation System, managing 11 event spaces, coordinating over 940 events a year, as well as assisting with Facilities upkeep within the CHASS INT, Humanities, and Arts buildings. During COVID, she served as assistance to several departments as a temporary financial analyst and has also assisted in roles of HR. She has an immense passion for advising and leading her student staff as well as those around her. She has served in many roles on campus such as a Wellness Ambassador for CHASS, the Director of Administration for Staff Assembly, a committee member for the UCR Highlander Mentor Connection program, and currently the Chair for LEAD.

Tanya Wine

(951) 827-3741

UCR Staffer Tanya Wine. Tanya has gray hair with a magenta dye, her hair comes down to the bottom of her neck line. She has a smile on her face, wears a necklace and dark color shirt.

Tanya Wine has worked in Higher Education for the past 27 years. She began her career as a work-study student while finishing her undergraduate degree, working in the College of Business and Public Administration at Cal State San Bernardino. Since moving to UCR, she has worked in the Bourns College of Engineering, the Graduate Division, and the Anderson Graduate School of Management before coming to CHASS, where she has served as the Academic Resources Manager and now serves as the Divisional FAO for the Multidisciplinary Unit and Performing Arts Departments as part of the Dean’s office Finance Team.


Cristina Gonzalez

(951) 827-7698

UCR staffer Cristina Gonzalez. She has dark hair that is pulled behind her. Cristina wears a bright smile with red lipstick and a ribbed blue shirt. The background has golden leaves.

Cristina has over 20 years of community-centered care with a background in health care, research, project management, leading quality and process improvement initiatives, administrative oversight, and operations for educational and healthcare institutions. She is an innovative leader with collaborative skills to improve equity, address barriers to care and deliver impactful results. Cristina has a master’s degree in health leadership. Her mission is to lead with actions to excel and make a positive impact.

Alexandra Rollins

Professional Development Co-Chair
(951) 827-4928

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Alexandra Rollins is a leadership consultant with 10 years of experience in managing organizational changes for Fortune 500 companies. Alexandra has worked with Toyota, Mattel, Hyundai, The Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) and most recently UCR. 

Alexandra helps organizations maximize their performance and to achieve their vision by developing and implementing leadership strategies that improve productivity and efficiency. Through her vast experience in organizational change management (OCM), leadership development and training, Alexandra has built and developed lasting relationships with a wide-array of organizational leaders, including directors, managers and executives. 

Alexandra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside and a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University.

Alexandra volunteers as a member of the UCR Alumni Scholarship Association, and as a Regional Collegiate Specialist with Delta Gamma overseeing chapters at various colleges throughout Southern California, including the chapter at UCR. 

Alexandra is currently serving UCR as the Interim Director of Employee and Organizational Development and has a passion for developing leaders across campus. 

Isidra Martinez

Professional Development Co-Chair
(951) 827-2100

UCR staffer Isidra Martinez. Isidra has dark hair that is pulled back. She has a friendly grin on her face and wears a blue blazer.

Isidra Villalobos Martinez is a Financial Analyst in the Strategic Executive Administrative Team within the Provost’s Organization. She is responsible for the budget oversight for the Chancellor’s Organization and the UC Mexico Initiative.
Isidra served as an Organizational Excellence Ambassador and as a Collaborative Leadership Facilitator. Isidra was one of the first 100 staff members to earn the OE Bronze Level Certificate and was also a finalist for Staff Assembly Outstanding Staff Award in 2016. Isidra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and three daughters.


Raymond Holguin

Information Technology Co-Chair 
(951) 827-6212

UCR staffer Raymond Holguin. Raymond has tightly cropped, dark hair and has facial hair on his chin. He wears a grin on his face and a dark blue polo shirt.

Raymond is the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. He is the project manager and lead developer for all web applications developed in CHASS for both internal and external usage. He is also responsible for implementing and maintaining the CHASS server and security infrastructure. Raymond is a proud UCR alumnus having received his B.S. degree in Computer Engineering.

Lily Barger

Information Technology Co-Chair
(909) 708-9779

UCR Staff Lily Barger. Lily has short, light-brown hair, which frames her face. She wears a grin on her face and a floral blouse.

Lily Barger joined UC Riverside in 2012 after spending many years in the private sector. She spent the first 10 years of her UCR career in various roles in Advancement, transitioning from the Development side to Director of Constituent Management & Technologies in Advancement Services in 2015. Lily recently joined ITS as the Director of Campus Support Services, where her service portfolio includes BearHelp, Inventory & Asset Management, Student Technology Services, and Managed Device Solutions. She is committed to serving the campus in ways that leverage resources, improve processes, and help students, faculty, and staff achieve their goals through the use of technology.

Lily has a Masters in Business Administration from University of Redlands and a Bachelors in Communications from Cal State San Bernardino. She has three children, two dogs, eight fish, three desert tortoises, and more plants than her husband knows about.


Sarah Cleary

Administrative Co-Chair
(951) 827-1208

UCR Staffer Sarah Cleary. Sarah has dark brown hair that goes below her shoulders. She has a smile on her face, wears glasses and a dark shirt. The background has green grass and trees.

Sarah Cleary is a Financial Management Analyst in the Administrative Services & Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) within Facilities Services. Supporting Facilities Services, Sarah performs reconciliations, staffing, performs ad-hoc and premium service monthly reports.

Sarah completed the Leaders of Excellence and Distinction Certificate Program. Sarah is a Gold Certificate holder of UCR’s Building Core Supervisory Competencies course. Sarah is a UCR alumni with both degrees, her BA in Mathematics and Master’s in Education, from UCR.

She is married with two dogs.

Erika Santoyo

Administrative Co-Chair
(951) 827-3479

UCR staffer Erika Santoyo. Erika Has long dark hair with golden highlights. She has a smile on her face and wears a sleeveless, scoop-neck blouse. that is white with black polka dots

Erika Santoyo is an Assistant Director for AGSM in the UCR School of Business. With over 19 years of experience working in diverse teaching environments, 10 of which in the UC system, she is dedicated to supporting and empowering students to be proactive, optimistic, realistic, and accountable as they work on achieving their academic goals. When advising, her goal is to create a holistic experience where students feel welcomed, safe, and accepted. Erika holds a master’s degree in Art History. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to podcasts, playing sports, and spending time with family.

Katherine Van Horn

(951) 827-4716

UCR staffer Kathy Van Horn. Kathy has a bright smile her face and wears a turquoise v-neck shirt with a black cardigan over it. Her hair is light brown and comes down to her shoulders.

Kathy Van Horn is a Graduate Student Services Advisor for CNAS and has been at UCR since October 2016. She has served on the Staff Assembly Executive Board from 2018-22, as both a Director of Outreach and a Co-Director of Involvement and Recognition. She is passionate about guiding students, staff, and faculty and helping them achieve their goals and is a proponent for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all spaces. Kathy has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in English Literature, focusing on Medieval studies.

She lives here in Riverside with her partner and their two sons. Kathy is always up for a game of trivia, a round of karaoke, or simply sitting around and chatting with other staff.

Kathy is excited to join LEAD and help start the Director of Outreach position and is welcome to ideas on how LEAD can get more involved in the general community. If you see her around campus, make sure to say hi!

Amy Gu

(951) 827-7908

UCR staff member Amy Gu has long blonde hair and glasses. She wears a blue jacket, black shell top, and a gold necklace.

Amy Gu is a Project Manager for the Finance and Administration department within the School of Medicine. She helps lead various projects, workgroups, and task force teams that come together to address specific problems across the organization, or to develop new business strategies, innovative processes, and solutions to existing business processes, as they relate to SOM administrative and financial operations. In her role, she enjoys meeting and collaborating with various departments across campus. Amy is a two-time UCR Alumni, holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master's of Business Administration. She currently serves as the Chair for the Highlander Mentor Connection. She is a big advocate for professional development and is always looking to advance her leadership skills.

Veronica Ruiz

(951) 827-2316

UCR staffer Veronica Ruiz. Veronica has a friendly grin, long wavy hair, and wears a dark shirt. The background has green bushes.

Veronica Ruiz is the Assistant Dean and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering. She is a hands-on executive with extensive experience in complex administrative and academic environments. Her responsibilities include providing strategic leadership and guidance on all financial, budgetary, and administrative matters. She is skilled in strategy development, execution, and problem-solving. As part of the executive management team of the school, she contributes to strategic vision setting, critical decision-making, and represents the school on various campus-wide committees. 

Her past leadership experience includes serving on multiple staff organizations such as the UCR Staff Assembly Executive Board as Vice President/President-Elect, President, and Past President. The Council of UC Staff Assemblies as senior delegate for UCR and in a support role to the boards of the Administrative Management Professionals (AMP) and the Leaders of Excellence and Distinction (LEAD).

Veronica is a first-generation college graduate and proud alumnus from UCR with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Sociology. She also has a Master of Public Administration from CSU San Bernardino. She is happily married to her husband, Alex Ruiz, and has four wonderful children.

Job Descriptions: LEAD Executive Board Positions

  • Vice Chair (Chair Elect)

    Vice Chair (Chair Elect) – elected (First year of overall 3-year commitment)

    1. i. In consort with the Chair and the Program Chair, actively assist in the programmatic needs of meetings and professional development training;
    2. Serves as first alternate to the Chair (In cases where Chair is unavailable to officiate). Perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chair in the absence of the Chair and in accordance with the bylaws, and serve as Chair-Elect;
    3. Actively assist in mentoring the Board Members; 
    4. Attend all General Meetings and Board Member meetings;
    5. Be a voting member of the Board;
    6. Ex-Officio capacity on all Ad Hoc Committees
    7. Other duties as directed by the Chair and the approval of the Board (simple majority).
  • Information Technology

    Information Technology – elected 1-year term

    1. Maintain all records as may be required;
    2. Actively develop and maintain the LEAD website;
    3. Serve as second alternate to Chair (in cases where VC is unavailable to officiate in the Chair’s absence)
    4. Attend all General Meetings and Board meetings;
    5. Be a voting member of the Board;
    6. Other duties as directed by the Chair and the approval of the Board (simple majority).
  • Program Chair

    Program Chair – elected 1-year term

    1. In consort with the Chair and Vice Chair, actively assist in the programmatic needs of meetings and professional development training;
    2. Actively participate in the schedule and organization of the General Meeting and/or Professional Development activity;
    3. Maintain pre-registration lists and sign-in lists at events/programs;
    4. Attend all General Meetings and Board Meetings;
    5. Be a voting member of the Board;
    6. Other duties as directed by the Chair and the approval of the Board (simple majority).
  • Marketing and Communications Chair

    Marketing and Communications Chair (Elected 1-year term)

    1. In consort with the Chair and Vice Chair, actively assist in the marketing needs and brand awareness of LEAD;
    2. Actively email/announce all LEAD events and/or professional development activities to the general membership;
    3. Manage all social media platforms;
    4. Create flyers and all media to be distributed on social media;
    5. Manage and update LEAD listserv
    6. Attend all Board Meetings and LEAD events;
    7. Be a voting member of the Board;
    8. Other duties as directed by the Chair and the approval of the Board (simple majority).
  • Administrative Chair

    Administrative Chair (Elected 1-year term)

    1. Distribute Meeting minutes by electronic distribution, posting to the LEAD website, or in hard copy;
    2. Take minutes for Board Meetings;
    3. Create and distribute meeting agendas;
    4. Maintain all records as may be required;
    5. Maintain a record of the annual budget and expenses;
    6. Process LEAD reimbursements and PO’s as needed;
    7. Assist the Chair with miscellaneous administrative tasks.
  • Outreach Chair

    Outreach Chair (Elected 1-year term)

    1. Gather more Listserv names at all outreach events;
    2. Develop and manage events pertaining to Outreach efforts including but not limited to Community Partner Fair, Coffee & Donuts, and New Staff Orientation efforts;
    3. In consort with the Chair, Vice Chair, and Program Chair, develop and implement outreach efforts for the Success Makeover event;
    4. Attend all Board Meetings and LEAD events;
    5. Be a voting member of the Board;
    6. Other duties as directed by the Chair and the approval of the Board (simple majority).
  • Members at Large

    Members at Large – elected 1-year term

    1. Serve as a subcommittee member for the Outreach Chair;
    2. Serve as members of standing committees at the direction of the Board;
    3. Serve as members on Ad Hoc Committees at the direction of the Board;
    4. Attend all General Meetings and Board meetings;
    5. Actively participate in the life of LEAD; learn, watch and absorb information; volunteer according to individual strengths and participate on various sub-committees;
    6. Other duties as directed by the Chair and the approval of the Board (simple majority).