About: Leaders of Excellence and Distinction (LEAD)

What is LEAD?

Leaders of Excellence and Distinction (LEAD) fosters engagement of UC Riverside staff (non-represented employees) by promoting professional development for future and current leaders.

What does LEAD do?

LEAD provides professional development events to help UCR staff members enhance their skills and boost their careers.

History of LEAD

For many years, UCR had a dynamic workgroup known as Senior Administrative Managers (SAM). Members met quarterly to discuss campus administrative processes, make recommendations to campus administrators, and partner with units to sponsor professional training and development activities campus-wide. SAM also hosted forums with topic-based speakers and trainers.

While SAM completed many significant milestones, participation diminished overtime. However, several SAM members recognized the value brought by the group and were committed to re-establishing the group in support of current and future leaders at UCR. SAM was eventually reconstituted as LEAD under the former Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services.

LEAD maintains a strong focus on professional development for campus staff, partnering closely with Office of Employee and Organizational Development within Human Resources in the development and delivery of courses such as Collaborative Leadership and Change Management. LEAD also collaborates with other staff development groups campus, such as Staff Assembly and Academic Management Professionals.